Royal London Life Insurance can pay your family an amount of money if you die while covered. So, if you want to leave something for your family, life insurance is worth a look. It only takes a few minutes to get a quote and to find out if you’re eligible for cover.

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Life Insurance can be a doddle, get it done in 3 easy steps:

1. Request a quote

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2. Purchase policy

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3 Apply for your gift

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Important things to know


Royal London Life Insurance has no cash in value – it’s a protection policy only.


If you stop making payments, your cover ends and you won’t get anything back.


You can apply if you’re a UK resident aged between 18 and 70, excluding members of the armed forces and reservists.

Life Insurance for the ones you love so you can help them after you’ve gone

Life insurance shouldn’t be complicated by lots of sub-clauses and small print. Thats why we work with Royal London, who provide straightforward and easy to understand Life Insurance policies, it really is a doddle to take out.

Royal London have been helping and protecting customers since 1861, meaning your Life Insurance will be provided by a well established business with an excellent reputation. And as the UK’s largest mutual life and pensions company, you can be sure they will be there when your family need them the most.

Level Cover

Would you like a lump sum for your loved ones? Level cover pays out a fixed amount up to £500,000 to help pay off an interest only mortgage or to help support your loved ones in the future.

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Decreasing Cover

Would you like cover that decreases over time as you pay off your debt? Decreasing cover can be an efficient way to make sure your loved ones aren’t left with a financial burden when you’ve gone.

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Enjoy added peace of mind with Serious Illness Benefit

Serious Illness Benefit is available as additional cover with Royal London Life Insurance. It’s an additional monthly cost, but it gives you and your children extra protection on top of your Life Insurance (so long as the children are over 30 days old). It gives you a financial safety net by paying out a lump sum if you are diagnosed with one of six defined serious illnesses and survive for 30 days. Your Serious Illness Benefit cover will end once you make a claim on it, but your life insurance cover will continue.

What would happen to you and your loved ones if you were diagnosed with a serious illness?

Would you still be able to work?

Would you be able to pay the mortgage?

Could you afford to adapt your home if needed?

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A few things worth thinking about:

Do you want to leave something behind for your family?

Would you like them to be able to do something special after you’ve gone?

Do you want a straightforward, no fuss life insurance policy?

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Or you can call on the phone if that’s easier for you

A doddle to set up

It’s a doddle to take out Royal London Life Insurance (the clue’s in the name)

£100 gift

You will receive a welcome gift worth up to £100, which you can claim after 8 monthly payments

By Royal London

Your life insurance product is provided by Royal London, the UK's largest mutual life and pensions company

Instant Cover

That's right, with Royal London Life Insurance you're covered instantly

Payment holidays

Payment holidays are also possible after your first year

UK-based call centres

All Royal London call centres are based in the UK

COVID-19 coverage

Your policy will pay out if you die from Covid-19 or any other pandemic viruses that happen to come our way

No medical or blood tests

Cover is available without a medical and there are no complex forms to fill in

Payment stays the same

Once you agree to a monthly payment amount it will stay the same for the length of your policy.

Get a no obligation quote
Or you can call on the phone if that’s easier for you

Royal London Life Insurance:

Keeping it simple but keeping you informed

Who can apply for Royal London Life Insurance?

UK residents aged between 18 and 70. Members of the Armed Forces, Army Reserve (previously known as the TA) or Reservists cannot apply.

How long is the claims process?

If you pass away while covered, your family or whoever is making the claim can start the claims process once the death certificate is issued. Medical evidence might be required during the claims assessment. Once the claim is approved, the money is paid into a UK bank accounts by BACS. Typically, funds clear within three to five working days.

Does your Serious Illness Benefit (SIB) cover coronavirus?

No. Serious Illness Benefit will make a one-off payout if you develop an illness that meets one of the six serious illness definitions and survive for 30 days.

Can I take a payment holiday from Royal London Life Insurance?

Payment holiday – After your first year, you can have a break from making your monthly payments for up to six months – and still stay insured. Not all providers let you do this.

You’ll have to make up the missed payments or reduce your payout amount after your payment holiday finishes.

You can have up to two payment holidays during your policy – only one can be taken within any twelve month period.

How much cover can I have?

You can have a lump sum up to £500,000 for all Level Cover and Decreasing Cover policies.

How long do I need Life Insurance cover for?

It depends on your personal circumstances. It can be for as little as five years, or as long as 50 years. But the cover must end by age 80.

How long do I need to make payments for?

You’ll need to keep making monthly payments throughout the period of cover, unless you die or a terminal illness diagnosis has been confirmed. You can stop making your payments at any time. If you do, your cover will end and you won’t get anything back.

Can I reduce my monthly payments?

Yes, you can reduce the payment at any time to any amount, subject to the minimum of £7 a month for Life Insurance. If you choose to reduce your payment your cover amount will also reduce. If you have Serious Illness Benefit you may not be able to reduce your monthly payments to £7. This is because the cost of Serious Illness Benefit is worked out separately, even though Royal London take both payments at once. Also your monthly payments will never increase.

Can I take out additional cover?

You cannot increase cover under your existing policy; however, you can apply for a new policy. Acceptance is subject to completion of Royal London’s application process. Any additional Life Cover policies taken out will be subject to the terms and conditions applicable to that policy at the time they are taken out. Also, your partner can apply for a policy too – as long as they’re eligible for cover.

What if I stop paying?

If you stop making your monthly payments then your cover will stop. It is worth remembering that you won’t get any money back, as this is a life insurance policy and not a savings plan. So you can’t cash in your cover at any time.

What if I miss a payment?

Not to worry. Just make sure to pay the full amount within 60 days of the missed payment date and you’ll be fine. If you don’t pay in that time, Royal London will have to cancel your policy right after the 60th day. You will not get a refund, receive cover or be able to restart the policy.

What is Doddle’s relationship with Royal London?

Doddle introduces clients to Royal London and receives a single commission payment at the start of this policy. The amount of commission is a fixed percentage of the total payments you make to Royal London in one year. This doesn’t affect the amount you pay for this cover.

*Choose a thank you gift when you buy a policy paying at least £10 a month as a new customer. After 8 payments, redeem your £100 cash via a cheque or £100 Amazon gift card. Full terms and conditions and retailer restrictions apply

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