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Legal Cover

Level cover pays out a fixed amount up to £750,000 depending on your age when you take out the plan.

Decreasing Cover

Decreasing cover lowers over time as your mortgage or debt reduces, ensuring you’re covered after your death.

Serious Illness Benefit

Serious illness benefit provides extra protection for your family if you are diagnosed with one of 6 defined illness meet certain other conditions.

Protect Your Family

No-one ever expects a health issue to come up. Give yourself and your family the comfort of knowing that even if it’s unexpected, health issues won’t take you by surprise.

Peace Of Mind

Whether it’s for your family, your colleagues, or yourself you can rest easy knowing that healthcare is available as soon as possible.

Friendly Yorkshire Call Centre

We based our call centre in Yorkshire because we know that speaking to someone real, friendly, and happy to help get you the best deal when you switch is going to make the experience that little bit easier, and that’s as important to us as it is to you.