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Use our simple calculator to work out how much equity you could release from your home…

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    No Obligation

    Release equity from your home to live life the way you want. You'll need a specialist adviser to do this - and that's where we can help.

    Whole-of-market advice

    Advisers at OneFamily search the whole market and assess every available equity release option. Their equity advice advice service can save you a great deal of time and money as they’ll research all available providers and only recommend the best value product that is most suited to your needs.

    What is equity release?

    Equity release is an effective way of using the money that has built up in your home letting you release funds to help support you during retirement. If your house has gained value since you took out your mortgage, you can use an equity release policy to pay off any outstanding mortgage… you might even have a little left over to take that holiday or spruce up your home.

    How can I work out how much equity I can release?

    Put an estimate of your property’s value, the age of the youngest homeowner, and a couple of other details into our simple calculator, and we’ll quickly give you the information you need to understand what could be possible.

    Am I eligible to release equity?

    Equity release is available to most people who own a property valued at more than £70,000 and are aged over 55. If you are applying as a couple, you both need to be older than 55.

    How much equity can I release?

    It’s a very flexible product, but most people look to release around 20-50% of the equity that they have built up in the home. On an average home, this can translate to up to £100,000, but it can also help with smaller amounts.

    How can Doddle help with equity release?

    We can quickly check your eligibility for equity release and get you in touch with a qualified financial adviser from OneFamily for a free, no obligation chat where you can talk through your options.

    Is there a risk with equity release?

    The amount owed will never be greater than the value of your house, so even if the value of your house falls, there is no risk that equity release will leave you or your family unable to pay a debt. Any outstanding debt will be repaid from the sale of your home when you either pass away or move into long-term care.

    Where can I get expert advice?

    We will put you in touch with independent specialist advisors from OneFamily. They will talk you through your options and help you make a decision on the product or strategy that’s right for you, your family and your long-term financial health.
    They only recommend products sold by members of the Equity Release Council (ERC) who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

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